New Fiction to Read this Spring

New fiction to read this sping

Are you looking for new fiction to read this spring?here is a list of some of the best new books coming out this season, from thrilling suspense and mystery novels to passionate romances. Whether you’re looking for something light and fun or intense and thought-provoking, you will definitely find something to enjoy on this list! … Read more

The Craft of Research Summary

The Craft of Research by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb is a timeless classic that has helped generations of researchers learn how to conduct effective research since its first publication. It is one of my favourite research methodology books that I have been using throughout my doctoral studies and beyond. The Craft of Research … Read more

Stephen King Tips on Writing

On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft is a memoir by Stephen King which details the master storyteller’s journey from his humble beginnings as a struggling writer in Maine to his current status as one of the world’s most successful authors. The book offers readers an intimate window into King’s craft, exploring topics such as … Read more

Can’t Hurt Me Summary

Can’t Hurt Me is an engrossing memoir that chronicles David Goggins amazing journey step by step and offers key life lessons along the way. Goggins’ main argument in the book is that in order to achieve anything you want in your life, you need to push past pain, persevere, and keep strong. It sounds like common sense, which … Read more

30 of The Best Stephen King Quotes

Stephen King is one of the most celebrated and prolific authors in contemporary literature. His works have sold million copies worldwide, making him among the best-selling authors of all time. He has written books that span a variety of genres, from horror to suspense to fantasy and science fiction. Throughout his career, he has shared … Read more

30 Famous First Lines from Books

First lines from books

The opening line of a book is often what draws readers in, and some of the most iconic first lines have been immortalized in literature. From Ray Bradbury’s “It was a pleasure to burn” to Iain Banks’ “It was the day my grandmother exploded,” these memorable beginnings linger long after their stories have ended. In … Read more

10 Best Dave Ramsey Books

Best Dave Ramsey Books

Dave Ramsey is a well-known financial guru and author who has written multiple books on personal finance. In his popular books, Dave provides readers with practical advice for managing their money and building wealth. From The Money Makeover to The Delegation , Dave Ramsey books are filled with helpful tips and strategies that can help … Read more