10 Best Books for New Teachers

Are you a new teacher searching for the perfect book to help you navigate through your first year? The collection of the best books for new teachers is a great place to start with. In it I featured some of the best books I believe are important reading for anyone starting in their teaching career.

It covers essential tips and insights, curriculum ideas, classroom management strategies, and more – all aimed at helping school teachers feel better prepared during those often daunting first few months on the job.

best books for new teachers

Your first few months as a new teacher can be challenging. I still remember them to this day after 20 years since I first stepped into a classroom as a teacher. I was filled with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

I wish somebody directed me to books such as the ones below. They could have spared me so much ill feelings. So, If you’re looking for sound advice from veteran educators on how to stay organized as well as ace your new role then keep reading! For teaching reading, check our collection of the best teaching reading books for teachers.

1. The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide, by Julia G. Thompson

The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide

The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide is a book that covers the basic strategies, activities, and tools teachers need to know to succeed in the classroom. Now in its fourth edition, the book has been updated with new and relevant material on essential topics like classroom management, differentiated instruction, and fostering a growth mindset.

2. Your First Year: How to Survive and Thrive as a New Teacher, by Todd Whitaker, Katherine Whitaker, Madeline Whitaker

Your first year

In Your First Year: How to Survive and Thrive as a New Teacher, Todd Whitaker, Katherine Whitaker, and Madeline Whitaker team up to offer advice and inspiration for thriving in your new role as a teacher. The book is filled with step-by-step guidance to help you overcome the challenges that many new teachers face.

They generously share their expertise and offer helpful tips on everything from creating a positive classroom environment to managing challenging students. You’ll also find advice on topics related o lesson planning, grading, and staying organized.

3. Today I Made a Difference, Joseph W. Underwood

Today I Made a Difference

Today I Made a Difference is a book that celebrates teachers. It contains stories from some of the country’s top educators, all of whom share their tales of overcoming obstacles and triumphing against the odds. This book serves as both motivation and inspiration for all teachers, reminding them of the importance of their work and the impact they have on the lives of their students.

4. The New Art and Science of Teaching, by Robert G. Marzano

The New Art and Science of Teaching

‘The New Art and Science of Teaching is an expanded volume of the original Art and Science of Teaching, designed to offer a competency-based education framework for substantive change based on Dr. Robert Marzano’s 50 years of education research.

While the previous model focused on teacher outcomes, the new version places focus on student learning outcomes, with research-based instructional strategies teachers can use to help students grasp the information and skills transferred through their instruction’.

5. The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide, by Tina H. Boogren

The Beginning Teacher's Field Guide

The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide is packed with invaluable advice, empathy, and support that will help you survive your first year in the classroom. You’ll learn how to set realistic expectations for yourself and your students, establish a productive classroom routine, and create a positive learning environment.

Written by a veteran educator, the book details six phases every new teacher goes through and outlines targeted classroom strategies, teaching tips, and self-care practices for each.

6.The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher, by Harry K. Wong, Rosemary T. Wong

The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher

Whether you are a new teacher or a veteran educator, The First Days of School can help you set up your classroom for success. Insights from the book will especially help you learn how to effectively structure and organize our room in a way that works for you and your students.

This helpful guide includes a new, 54-minute DVD with William Martinez, who shares his transformational story about how a teacher changed his life. His story will affirm that teachers ARE the difference in the lives of their students.

7. Teach Like a Champion 3.0, by Doug Lemov

Teach Like a Champion 3.0

Updated with the latest techniques and findings in cognitive science, this guide by Doug Lemov is indispensable for anyone looking to create a positive and productive learning environment. Whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced educator, you’ll find valuable tips on how to encourage student engagement, accountability, and excellence.

Teach Like a Champion 3.0 also includes an expanded video collection that will help you see the techniques in action and put them into practice in your own classroom. With this book, you’ll be able to build students’ background knowledge, move learning into long-term memory, and connect your teaching with the standards-aligned curriculum for tangible results.

8.The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom, by Stephen D. Brookfield

The Skillful Teacher

The Skillful Teacher is a practical guide to effective teaching techniques, approaches, and methods for college classrooms. Stephen Brookfield, a college professor for over 40 years, provides insights, reflections, and advice on how to keep your teaching and students energized. The book is adaptable to online teaching, working with diverse student populations, and inclusive classrooms.

9. How to Teach Students Who Don’t Look Like You, by Bonnie M. Davis

How to teach students who don't look like you

If you’re looking for ways to better serve all of your students, regardless of their backgrounds or skin color, then this book is perfect for you. “How to Teach Students Who Don’t Look Like You” provides educators with the tools they need to create a more inclusive classroom. With new or expanded coverage of Latino students, ELLs, immigrant students, race, and racial identity, this edition is perfect for those looking to bring their teaching practice up to date with the latest standards-based approaches.

10.Teaching with Intention, by Debbie Miller

Teaching with Intention

Written by literacy consultant Kelly Miller, this book brings us into the classrooms of teachers and children she’s met over the last five years. Drawing on her own experience as a teacher and her work with educators around the country, Miller provides a wealth of information on setting up your classroom environment, using language intentionally, teaching comprehension, and designing lessons.

Additionally, the author also encourages teachers to develop their own belief statements about teaching and learning, offering key questions to help get them started.