Selected Reads

8 Good Project Based Learning Books for Teachers

What is project based learning? Project based learning is a student centered teaching approach in which students develop key content knowledge and learning skills through working on projects that last for  an extended period of time. As students work on their learning projects, they get to practice and hone in … Read more

Books on Death and the Limits of Medicine

If you have ever pondered the questions of the limits of medicine in its approach to life and ethics, the books I curated below are for you. They will help you understand the moral and ethical complexities involved in turning medicine into an inhumane tool to prolong dying people’s suffering … Read more

Review of The Art of Dying Well

I was first introduced to the Art of Dying Well  through a Facebook post of a friend who was going through a harsh chemotherapy to treat his cancer. The title of the book is provocatively enticing especially for someone like me who, since the fatal illness of his mother, became … Read more

Review of Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

Talking to Strangers was on my wish list for several months before I finally decided to purchase the audible version and listen to it. Something about the book’s title picked my curiosity and it is probably the word ‘strangers’ which, coming from a background of discourse analysis, struck me as … Read more

Review of The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia

If you are planning to bootstrap a business or you have recently launched a business or a new project and need some guidance, or if you are an aspiring individual interested in learning more about the concept of entrepreneurship,  this book is for you. The Minimalist Entrepreneur: How Great Founders … Read more

Review of Elizabeth Gilbert Book Big Magic

What is Big Magic All About? After the incredible success with her 2006 memoir “Eat, Pray, Love”,  Elizabeth Gilbert is back in the limelight with this equally important book titled Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. This is a self-help book that takes creativity as its central theme, and creativity … Read more

Carl Sagan Cosmos Book Review

What Does Cosmos mean? Cosmos means universe 1. The word cosmos comes from the Greek word Kosmos which refers to  “order, harmony, and the world” 2. For Carl Sagan, “Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of Chaos. It … Read more