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20 of The Best David Goggins Quotes

The story of David Goggins is a story of resilience, perseverance, and inspiration. As a kid, David experienced all kinds of hardships and struggles including physical abuse, prejudice, and poverty; but not one  of these hardships stopped him from getting himself out of the yoke of misery into the spotlight … Read more

What Is APA Style ? A Very Short Introduction

What Is APA Style? APA stands for the American Psychological Association. APA Style is a “set of guidelines for clear and precise scholarly communication that helps authors, both new and experienced, achieve excellence in writing” (APA, 2020, p. xvii). APA Style is used in different disciplines from psychology to education. … Read more

What Is Critical Discourse Analysis? 20 Seminal Books

When it comes to critical discourse analysis (CDA), there is no better opportune moment  to talk about it than the present one. In an era where fake news and disinformation are rampant, knowing how to critically engage with the machination of language  becomes a required skill  for every learner.  CDA … Read more

Best Book Lover Quotes for Readers

One thing we certainly share together, me and you, is our love for books.  You are here looking for book lover quotes because books mean a lot to you. They do to me as well!  I personally can not fathom a life without books. I imagine it to be dull … Read more

What Is Discourse Analysis?

Discourse analysis is an interdisciplinary area of study that takes discourse as an analytical unit in its study of social phenomena. The study of discourse first originated in the  fields of linguistics, philosophy and anthropology. Later on,  especially with the linguistic turn that marked the second half of the last … Read more