Digital Writing Workshop- Troy Hicks

digital writing workshop

I bought ” The Digital Writer’s Workshop” while I was mining for resources to a presentation I was working on entitled’ Using Technology to Facilitate  Writing”. And though the book comes in 176 pages which is relatively short , yet it is packed full of interesting tips and insights on how to integrate technology and … Read more

Multiple Intelligences: Summary and Application in Classroom

multiple intelligences

Howard Gardner’s theory of  Multiple Intelligences has radically revolutionized education. Since its introduction in 1983, a growing number of teachers and educators have and still are exploring its practical implications and applications in their immediate educational contexts.  At the core of this concept is the idea that there is more than a single intelligence. In … Read more

Summary of Ken Robinson the Element

If you are wondering whether you should read it or not, here is a summary of Ken Robinson The Element. I hope you find it helpful. Ken Robinson’s book, “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” is a guide to discovering one’s true passions in life. He argues that we all have an “element,” … Read more

Outliers The Story of Success Summary

Outliers: The Story of Success is Malcolm Gladwell’s insightful exploration of the factors that make successful people successful. The book delves into why some people achieve extraordinary success, while many others with similar skills and backgrounds struggle to achieve even average results. Through extensive research, Gladwell reveals an array of surprising truths about success that … Read more

I Wish My Teacher Knew, A Summary

In I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids,  author Kyle Schwartz explores the meaningful impact one simple question can have on a student’s life. Schwartz recounts stories of students whose lives were transformed by their teachers asking “What do you wish I knew about you?” Through stories, examples, … Read more

Stop Doing That Sh*t , by Gary Bishop

I am not usually a fan of books that have excessive attention-grabbing titles such as titles with f-words in them for the simple reason that they are, in my opinion, more commercially oriented. I know that one should not judge books by their cover and that commercialisation is part of the book industry but I … Read more

Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook

Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook, by Matthew Miles, Michael Huberman, and Johnny SaldaƱa is a comprehensive and authoritative resource on conducting qualitative research. The Third Edition includes five distinct approaches to analysis: exploring, describing, ordering, explaining, and predicting. It also covers topics such as research design and management, ethical issues in management, fundamentals of … Read more