12 Best Classroom Management Books

Every teacher knows that classroom management is a key component of the pedagogical equation. Without an effective classroom management nothing will work smoothly. In fact, no teaching method no matter how sophisticated it is can work in a classroom that is badly managed. This is a lesson I learned the hard way! The first two … Read more

15 of The Best Teaching Strategies Books

As educators, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our teaching practices and create the most engaging, effective learning experiences for our students. Whether you are a seasoned teacher or just beginning your career, staying current with the latest research, tools, and strategies is essential for fostering student success. With that in mind, I have … Read more

Summary of Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies

In Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies by Michelle Pacansky-Brock, readers learn how to effectively and strategically use emerging technologies in the classroom. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the types of tools available, as well as advice and tips for using them for student-centered learning. Pacansky discusses cloud based technologies, web 2.0 … Read more

Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions

Human beings are inquirers by nature and it is this inner ability to ask questions and seek answers that was behind the rise of civilization and the progress humanity achieved up to this point in time. From discovering fire to launching space rockets and plans to populate Mars, questions have been the locomotive that drive … Read more