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Digital Literacies: Concepts, Policies and Practices

Digital Literacies: Concepts, Policies, and Pracies is a volume edited by Colin Lankshear and Michel Knobel. This is definitely a seminal book for anyone interested in exploring the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of digital literacy. The volume features  a compendium of articles written by internationally reputed authors in the field of digital literacy. Here is the full list of these articles :

Digital literacies
  •  Introduction: Digital Literacies – Concepts, Policies and Practices- Colin Lankshear/Michele Knobel
  •   Origins and Concepts of Digital Literacy – David Bawden
  •  Functional Internet Literacy: Required Cognitive Skills with Implications for Instruction- Genevieve Marie Johnson
  • Digital Literacy as Information Savvy: The Road to Information Literacy –Maggie Fieldhouse/David Nicholas
  • Defining Digital Literacy: What Do Young People Need to Know About Digital Media?- David Buckingham
  • Digital Literacy Policies in the EU – Inclusive Partnership as the Final Stage of Governmentality?-  Leena Rantala/Juha Suoranta
  •  Digital Competence – From Education Policy to Pedagogy: The Norwegian Context-  Morten Søby:
  •  Digital Literacy and the «Digital Society»- Allan Martin
  • Trajectories of Remixing: Digital Literacies, Media Production, and Schooling- Ola Erstad
  •   Crossing Boundaries: Digital Literacy in Enterprises- Lilia Efimova/Jonathan Grudin
  • The Digital Literacies of Online Shoppers- Julia Davies: Pay and Display
  •  Digital Literacy and Participation in Online Social Networking Spaces- Michele Knobel/Colin Lankshear
  •  Digital Literacy and the Law: Remixing Elements of Lawrence Lessig’s Ideal of «Free Culture»- Colin Lankshear/Michele Knobel

Digital literacy is a broad field of research and some of the established scholars who have prolifically contributed to its development include:   Colin Lankshear, Michele Knobel, Howard Rheingold, James Paul Gee, Brain Street, Michele Packansky, to mention  a few.

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