20 Best Holocaust books

holocaust books

The Holocaust will always remain an indelible stain in the history of humanity. The amount of pain and suffering this tragic event caused throughout the world is mind-boggling. Did we learn anything from history? No much, if any. Humanity has never been this technologically developed. Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT are reshaping the world in unprecedented … Read more

Best Children’s Holocaust Books

Children's Holocaust books

The Holocaust is one of the most tragic events that marked last century. During World War II, millions of jews were executed by Nazis soldiers and their collaborators for the simple reason that they were jews. Those who were lucky enough to survive this tragic event wrote some heart wrenching memoirs about life inside the … Read more

20 of The Best Books on The American Revolution

The American Revolution was a watershed in American history and many books have been written to explore the events leading up to and during this period. I scoured the web, read through piles of reader reviews, and consulted several recommendations from expert sources to compile for you this list of what I believe are some … Read more