15 Great Baby Books for Girls

After covering best baby books for boys, in this post I share with you some amazing baby books for girls. From stories about cuddle bugs exploring their world with the help of their parents to tales of creative young girls following their dreams against all odds, these books are filled with inspiring messages and empowering … Read more

15 Great Baby Books for Boys

Books for baby boys

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15 Great Kindergarten Books to Read

Reading is an inherently social act. It takes you places you never knew existed and introduces you to different worlds and cultures providing you with an enriching experience without you having to physical displace. [Related: Best Audiobooks for Kids] The magic of reading is even more powerful with kids. Besides helping them develop language skills … Read more

16 Great Picture Books by Black Authors

Picture books by black authors

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Best Children’s Holocaust Books

Children's Holocaust books

The Holocaust is one of the most tragic events that marked last century. During World War II, millions of jews were executed by Nazis soldiers and their collaborators for the simple reason that they were jews. Those who were lucky enough to survive this tragic event wrote some heart wrenching memoirs about life inside the … Read more

18 Best Books for 5 Years Old

Books for five years old

Reading is a great way to develop and enrich kids imagination and help them learn new skills. However, finding age appropriate reading materials is where the problem lies. This is even harder when it comes to five years old. Generally speaking, when picking books for kids, make sure you choose stories with short sentences and … Read more

12 Best Audiobooks for Kids

Best audiobooks for kids

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19 Best Nonfiction Books for Kids

Nonfiction books for kids

There are too many great nonfiction books for kids that I found it really hard to limit the list to only 18 titles. Admittedly, several wonderful nonfiction books for kids are missing from this collection but for practical reasons and space constraints, I limited the selection to what I think are the top first tier … Read more