Our Missing Hearts Review

Our Missing Hearts, a beautifully woven tale of love, loss, and the power of art, follows twelve-year-old Bird Gardner as he embarks on an extraordinary quest to find his long-lost mother, Margaret. Living a quiet life with his father, a former linguist, Bird is haunted by the disappearance of his Chinese American poet mother, whose works have been mysteriously banned. Her absence has left Bird grappling with the feeling that she chose her work over him.

The novel takes an unexpected turn when Bird receives a cryptic letter, setting him on a journey that explores the depths of the folktales his mother once shared with him, the heroics of a clandestine network of librarians, and ultimately, the bustling city of New York. Along the way, Bird unravels the truth about his mother’s disappearance, her legacy, and the potential future that lies ahead for them both.

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Our Missing Hearts is a richly layered narrative that delves into the darker aspects of society, highlighting the injustices that can be easily overlooked in seemingly civilized communities. The novel skillfully examines the impact of the lessons and legacies we pass down to our children, showcasing the transformative power of art in creating change.

The characters in Our Missing Hearts are expertly crafted, with Bird’s emotional journey as the heart of the story. His determination to find his mother and understand her actions adds depth to their complex relationship. Margaret’s character, though absent for much of the novel, is ever-present through her poetry and the vivid folktales she shared with her son, creating a poignant connection between them.

The author masterfully intertwines elements of adventure, mystery, and coming-of-age, with moments of heartache and triumph. The novel’s pacing is well-balanced, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in Bird’s journey while exploring the intricate themes that underpin the story.

Our Missing Hearts is a compelling and evocative novel that offers a fresh perspective on love, family, and the lasting impact of the stories we share. A timeless tale that resonates with readers of all ages.


Here are some of the main takeaways from Our Missing Hearts:

1. The power of art: The novel explores the transformative potential of art, in this case, poetry and storytelling, to inspire change and create lasting connections between people.

2. Uncovering hidden truths: Bird’s journey to find his mother delves into the mystery of her disappearance, revealing hidden truths about her life, their family, and society at large.

3. Confronting injustice: Our Missing Hearts highlights the injustices that can be overlooked in seemingly civilized communities, encouraging readers to question societal norms and seek a better understanding of the world around them.

4. The importance of family and connection: The novel emphasizes the significance of family relationships, particularly the complex bond between Bird and his mother, and the impact of her absence on his life.

5. Personal growth: Bird’s journey is not only a quest to find his mother but also a coming-of-age story, in which he learns about himself, his family’s history, and the importance of understanding others.

6. The power of storytelling and folklore: The folktales shared by Margaret with Bird serve as a vital link between them and play a significant role in Bird’s quest, demonstrating the enduring power of stories passed down through generations.

7. Resilience and determination: Bird’s unwavering determination to find his mother and uncover the truth demonstrates the strength of the human spirit and the importance of persistence in the face of adversity.

Our Missing Hearts Quotes

Here are some popular Missing Heart quotes as featured in Goodreads:

  1. “Why did I tell you so many stories? Because I wanted the world to make sense to you. I wanted to make sense of the world, for you. I wanted the world to make sense.”
  2. “If we fear something, it is all the more imperative we study it thoroughly.”
  3. “it seemed the sanest and most logical course: if the world was on fire, you might as well burn bright.”
  4. “Librarians, of all people, understood the value of knowing, even if that information could not yet be used.”
  5. “Who ever thinks, recalling the face of the one they loved who is gone: yes, I looked at you enough, I loved you enough, we had enough time, any of this was enough?”
  6. “there’s one thing he remembers from stories, it’s that people who offer help along your way—whether directing you to treasure or warning you of danger—should not be ignored.”
  7. “It happened so slowly that you might not even notice it at all, like the sky turning from dusk to dark.”
  8. “There is a long history, in the U.S. and elsewhere, of removing children as a means of political control.”
  9. “We don’t burn our books, she says. We pulp them. Much more civilized, right? Mash them up, recycle them into toilet paper. Those books wiped someone’s rear end a long time ago.”
  10. “breathing in the peculiar smell of the library: a mix of dust and leather and melted vanilla ice cream. Warm, like the scent of someone’s skin.”

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