Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss Books

Dr. Seuss is an iconic children’s author whose books have been captivating the imaginations of young readers for generations. His classic stories are filled with whimsical characters, tongue-twisting rhymes, and silly situations that make learning to read a fun and engaging experience. From Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? to Fox in Socks, Dr. Seuss … Read more

Discovering Little-Known Facts About Dr. Seuss

Dr Seuss books

Dr. Seuss was one of the most beloved children’s authors of all time whose books have captivated generations with their vivid illustrations and clever rhymes. From classics such as The Cat in the Hat to posthumous releases like What Pet Should I Get? Dr. Seuss has created an entire world of stories that are both … Read more

12 Best Classroom Management Books

Every teacher knows that classroom management is a key component of the pedagogical equation. Without an effective classroom management nothing will work smoothly. In fact, no teaching method no matter how sophisticated it is can work in a classroom that is badly managed. This is a lesson I learned the hard way! The first two … Read more

I Wish My Teacher Knew, A Summary

In I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids,  author Kyle Schwartz explores the meaningful impact one simple question can have on a student’s life. Schwartz recounts stories of students whose lives were transformed by their teachers asking “What do you wish I knew about you?” Through stories, examples, … Read more

10 Best Books for New Teachers

Books for new teachers

Are you a new teacher searching for the perfect book to help you navigate through your first year? The collection of the best books for new teachers is a great place to start with. In it I featured some of the best books I believe are important reading for anyone starting in their teaching career. … Read more

15 Great Teaching Reading Books


Reading is the foundation of learning. It helps unlock a world of possibilities and learning experiences that are not possible to access otherwise. Not only does it provide learners with valuable knowledge and skills, but the ability to read can open doors to a world of literature, culture, and information that will stay with them … Read more

30 of The Best Historical Fiction Books

Historical fiction books

History can tell us a lot about the world we live in today—from events that shaped our nation’s past to lessons we have learned over time. Historical fiction captures these stories and preserves them for generations to come. From historical dramas filled with thrilling adventures and deep intrigue to subtle romances set against grand backdrops … Read more

The Ultimate High School Reading list

high school reading books

The purpose of this post is to share with you this collection of books featuring some of the seminal works that high school students should be familiar with. These are all canonical works of literature ranging from Shakepeare’ s Macbeth to John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, high school students will have a wide range … Read more

Summary of It’s Complicated: Understanding The Social Lives of Networked Teens, by danah boyd

In It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, danah boyd dives deep into the social lives of teens and cast a reflective look on the impact of new technologies and social media on their behaviour. This book is a culmination of a decade worth of research and ethnographic studies the author conducted with teens … Read more