16 Famous Canadian Authors to Read

Famous Canadian Authors

Canada is home to some of the world’s most talented and celebrated authors. From Margaret Laurence to Malcolm Gladwell, these 16 famous Canadian authors have made lasting contributions to literature with their thought-provoking works. Whether you’re looking for a classic novel or an exploration into contemporary life, these writers are sure to have something that … Read more

12 Best Biographies of All Time

Best biographies of all time

A biography, as I argued in an earlier post, is a written account of a person’s life. It generally includes details about the individual’s family, upbringing, accomplishments, relationships, and other significant events that have shaped his or her life. Check out biography vs autobiography vs memoir to learn more about the differences between these three … Read more

18 Best Sexual Books to Improve Your Sex Life

Sexuality is a complex and intricate topic that often elicits strong emotions and opinions. For some, sexuality is akin to pandora box that should not be opened at all costs. Our sense and perspective of sexuality is deeply shaped by the cultural traditions and societal norms we were brought up in. As a social constructivist, … Read more