Lying Sam Harris Summary and Takeaways

When it comes to books on the themes of spiritually and religion, my favourite go to authors are Richard Dawkins (e.g, the God Delusion) and Sam Harris (e.g. Spirituality). I like their controversial takes and find their ideas to be thought provoking and challenging. Most people associate them with atheism and agnosticism but I find … Read more

Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion Summary

I listened to the audio version of Sam Harris book Waking Up:A Guide to Spirituality without Religion last year (2020) and I came back to it now to further investigate Sam’s conceptualization of spirituality and consciousness. This time, I am motivated by a deeply disturbing experience I am currently going through because of my mother’s … Read more

The God Delusion Summary

The God Delusion, written by Richard Dawkins, presents a thoughtful argument against the belief in God. I have read God Delusion twice and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Dawkins arguments are robust and definitely worth consideration regardless of the faith you believe in. God Delusion explores the various forms of God and shows how religion has … Read more

7 Great Books on Death and Grief

If you have ever pondered the questions of the limits of medicine in its approach to life and ethics, the books I curated below are for you. They will help you understand the moral and ethical complexities involved in turning medicine into an inhumane tool to prolong dying people’s suffering and pain. You will learn … Read more

Review of The Art of Dying Well

I was first introduced to the Art of Dying Well  through a Facebook post of a friend who was going through a harsh chemotherapy to treat his cancer. The title of the book is provocatively enticing especially for someone like me who, since the fatal illness of his mother, became very interested in learning about … Read more

What Is Synchronicity?

Has it ever happened to you that when you finally took the first steps toward realizing something you have been dreading or probably procrastinating things mysteriously start to fall in order for you and new opportunities and ideas start springing from nowhere as if a hidden hand is helping you? Welcome to the world of … Read more

Breaking the Spell

Dennett advocates the scientific approach in the study of human phenomenon including religion which he categorized as natural phenomenon. For Dennett, religion is a socially constructed concept worthy of scientific investigation and inquiry as is the case with any other social phenomena. That being said, Dennett recognizes the controversy that such a claim might engender … Read more