Spare Book Review

“Spare” is a great memoir by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, which offers an honest and intimate account of his life as a member of the British Royal Family, as well as his personal journey towards self-discovery and finding his own path. The title “Spare” is a nod to the term “spare heir,” often used to describe the second-born child in a royal family, who is not directly in line to inherit the throne.

The book is divided into three major parts: Childhood, Adulthood, and Independence. Each section provides a comprehensive look into various aspects of Prince Harry’s life, including his upbringing, his military career, his marriage to Meghan Markle, and their decision to step back from royal duties. The memoir is written in a candid and engaging style, with moments of vulnerability, humor, and wisdom.

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In the first part, “Childhood,” Prince Harry reflects on his early years growing up in the public eye, the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, and the impact it had on him and his older brother, Prince William.

He shares personal anecdotes that shed light on the pressures and expectations placed on him, as well as the unique challenges he faced within the royal family. This section provides readers with a rare glimpse into the daily life of the young prince and the shaping of his character.

The second part, “Adulthood,” delves into Prince Harry’s military career, his service in Afghanistan, and the formation of the Invictus Games, an international adaptive multi-sport event for wounded, injured, and sick service personnel.

This section showcases his strong sense of duty and commitment to service, as well as his personal growth through these experiences. It also touches upon the struggles he faced with mental health and the importance of seeking help.

In the third and final part, “Independence,” Prince Harry opens up about his relationship with Meghan Markle, their decision to step back from royal duties, and the media scrutiny that surrounded them.

This section delves into the challenges they faced as a couple, as well as their efforts to create a life that aligns with their values and priorities. It also discusses their philanthropic endeavors and their shared commitment to social justice and mental health advocacy.

“Spare” is a powerful and engrossing memoir that provides readers with a unique perspective on the life of a modern royal. It is a testament to Prince Harry’s resilience, authenticity, and determination to forge his own path in spite of the challenges and expectations placed upon him. The book is not only an intimate portrait of his life, but also an inspiring story of personal growth and the power of empathy, compassion, and love.

In summary, “Spare” is a must-read for fans of the British Royal Family, as well as for anyone interested in the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It is a moving and inspiring account of Prince Harry’s life, which will resonate with readers and leave a lasting impression.

Spare Book Review

Spare Book Club Questions

Here are some thought-provoking questions about the themes, experiences, and lessons explored in the Spare. These questions will help us reflect on Prince Harry’s life, understand his perspective, and consider how his experiences can resonate with our own lives.

  1. What was your initial impression of Prince Harry before reading “Spare”? How did your perception of him change after reading the memoir?
  2. The title “Spare” refers to the term “spare heir.” How does this term shape Prince Harry’s identity and experiences throughout the book? In what ways does he challenge or embrace this role?
  3. How does the loss of Princess Diana impact Prince Harry’s childhood and later life? Discuss the ways in which her influence is still present in his adult life and decisions.
  4. Prince Harry is open about his struggles with mental health. How do these challenges shape his personal growth and advocacy work? What can we learn from his experiences in dealing with mental health issues?
  5. Discuss the importance of service and duty in Prince Harry’s life. How does his military career contribute to his personal development and understanding of the world?
  6. What role does the media play in Prince Harry’s life, both positively and negatively? How does media scrutiny affect his relationships, choices, and well-being?
  7. How does Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle influence his decision to step back from royal duties? In what ways does their partnership challenge traditional expectations of royal life?
  8. “Spare” addresses various themes, such as family, duty, love, and independence. Which theme resonated with you the most and why?
  9. What are some key lessons or insights from Prince Harry’s life that can be applied to our own lives? How can we learn from his experiences and growth?
  10. If you had the opportunity to ask Prince Harry one question about his life or the memoir, what would you ask? Why?

These questions should provide a basis for a stimulating discussion, encouraging readers to reflect on Prince Harry’s life, experiences, and the themes explored in “Spare.”

I hope you find this Spare book review helpful.