The Secret History Summary

“The Secret History” by Donna Tartt is a riveting exploration of beauty, morality, and the unspeakable darkness that can emerge when intellect becomes detached from emotion.

The story is narrated by Richard Papen, a young Californian from a humble background who, seeking a fresh start, transfers to the prestigious Hampden College in Vermont. There he is drawn to a close-knit group of Classics students, all studying under the charismatic and enigmatic professor Julian Morrow. This group is intriguingly secretive, which only fuels Richard’s desire to be part of it.

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The group consists of Henry Winter, a brilliant and wealthy student who becomes the group’s unofficial leader; the charming and handsome twins, Charles and Camilla Macaulay; Francis Abernathy, a young man of intricate aesthetic tastes and emotional depth; and Bunny Corcoran, who is outwardly jovial but possesses an unsettling capacity for manipulation.

Richard, desperate to leave behind his mundane past, is soon assimilated into the group. As he delves deeper into the world of these privileged students, however, he realizes that their intellectual pursuits transcend normal academic boundaries, ultimately culminating in a shocking act of violence – a murder. The first part of the novel is devoted to the events leading up to this crime, presenting a detailed study of each character’s role and motivation.

Following this shocking act, the second half of the novel delves into the aftermath, as the group grapples with their collective guilt, paranoia, and the growing fear of getting caught. This intellectual sect, initially bound by their shared passion for the Classics and their esoteric rituals, starts to disintegrate under the weight of their shared secret. Their loyalty to each other and their shared ideals are put to the test as they struggle to keep their crime hidden.

“The Secret History” is more than a murder mystery. It’s a psychological exploration of how well-intentioned intellectual curiosity can morph into a dangerous obsession, leading to devastating consequences.

The novel raises questions about the nature of beauty and the corrosive effects of guilt and fear. It serves as a stark reminder that the line separating civilization from savagery is thinner than we think, and can easily be crossed when one is disconnected from the moral implications of their actions.

The Secret History Summary


The Secret History” by Donna Tartt is a novel rich in character development. The main characters in the book include:

  1. Richard Papen: The narrator of the novel, Richard is a transfer student from California who enters Hampden College in Vermont. He becomes entangled with a group of Classics students who maintain a distant relationship with the rest of the school.
  2. Henry Winter: An intellectual prodigy, Henry is the de facto leader of the group. He is deeply philosophical, intensely private, and wealthy. Henry’s financial independence and intellectual prowess command respect within the group.
  3. Bunny Corcoran: A member of the group, Bunny is the most outgoing but also the most manipulative. His relationship with the group becomes strained due to a secret they all share.
  4. Francis Abernathy: Francis is reserved and meticulous, known for his aesthetic taste. He is also independently wealthy, and his home serves as a meeting place for the group.
  5. Charles and Camilla Macaulay: These twins are part of the tight-knit group of Classics students. They are beautiful and charismatic, and their closeness adds another layer of mystery to the group. Camilla is the only female in the group, and Charles often struggles with alcoholism.
  6. Julian Morrow: The professor of the Classics students, Julian is well-loved and idolized by his pupils. His teaching philosophy emphasizes the personal and aesthetic aspects of learning over technical or professional skills, a perspective that deeply influences his students.

Book Club Questions

Here are some book club discussion questions for “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt:

  1. “The Secret History” is presented in reverse chronological order, starting with Bunny’s death. How does this structure affect your experience of the novel? How does it influence your perceptions of the characters and their actions?
  2. Richard is both an outsider and an insider in the group. How does his perspective shape the story? Can he be considered a reliable narrator?
  3. How does the group’s isolation from the rest of the college contribute to the events of the story? What role does their study of Classics play in their actions?
  4. Discuss the theme of beauty in the novel. How do the characters define beauty? How does this definition influence their decisions and actions?
  5. How do the characters deal with guilt and responsibility? What does the novel suggest about the consequences of evading responsibility for one’s actions?
  6. Each character in the novel is complex and flawed. Discuss the characters’ motivations. Are any of them truly likable or relatable? Why or why not?
  7. Discuss the relationship between Charles and Camilla. How does it impact the dynamics of the group?
  8. The setting of the novel, in both the college and the surrounding area, seems to play a significant role in the story. How does the environment contribute to the novel’s atmosphere?
  9. How does Julian Morrow’s teaching philosophy influence his students? What is your opinion on his educational methods and beliefs?
  10. “The Secret History” is often described as a tragedy in the classical sense. Do you agree with this description? Why or why not?

Remember, the best book club discussions come from open-ended questions that encourage everyone to share their thoughts and interpretations!

I hope you find The Secret History Summary helpful!